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Building the Future


I am a first-generation Nigerian-American, the son of a refugee, and the grandson of 2 sets of educators. My family taught me that education was the key to success, and it’s been the key to progress in my life up to this point. None of us is born knowing how to do our jobs. Life is learned and success is earned through a quality education. So, to that end, it’s my goal, dream, and passion to ensure that the students of Harris County have the best possible chance at success. Not only for themselves, but for the future of our cities, our county, our state, and our nation.

Endorsed By:

Harris County Tejano Democrats • Greater Heights Democratic Club • Texas Coalition of Black Democrats – Harris County • Andrea Duhon (current HCDE Board Trustee) • Michelle Palmer (Democratic Nominee for State Board of Election) • Lashelle Scott (Precinct Chair for Pct 559)


I’m running for HCDE board trustee for 2 reasons:

1. I want to make sure that Harris County students are all getting a quality education, regardless of age, and make sure that the future of Harris County is in well-educated and capable hands;

2. I want to show the children of color in this county that there’s nothing they can’t do. It’s been said many times, you can’t be what you can’t see. When I was a kid, I remember thinking I wanted to be a firefighter, a doctor, a lawyer. It didn’t cross my mind that someone who looked like me could be a mayor, a governor, a President or an HCDE board trustee. Children of color in this county need to know there’s nothing they can’t do, and I believe seeing me elected and representing them on that board will do just that.

My plan

As Board Trustee, I will have 3 main areas of focus:
1. Expand Head Start: At present, Head Start (HCDE’s pre-K program) reaches about 1,500 kids every day in east and northeast Harris County. While this is good, I believe there are far more children who would benefit from this program and all areas of our county should have access to those services.

2. Increase the number of after school programs: CASE (the Center for Afterschool, Summer, and Enrichment) benefits about 12,000 kids each year. I believe that keeping kids safe when school is out is extremely important and while CASE does a great job of that now, being able to reach even more kids in Harris County will only result in safer students, happier students, and more successful students. I believe we should protect and expand CASE and that will be a priority as your board trustee.

3. Increase access to school therapy services: Many Harris County students have difficult circumstances outside of the classroom. A tough home life can lead to trauma that, if untreated, makes it difficult to excel in school. I want to increase the number of therapists in our schools so that more students can get the help they need.